Hi there! ︎

I’m Tracey (she/her) and I am a 2 year tattooer. I am a first generation Vietnamese-American currently living in Seattle, Washington. My inspiration comes from Vietnamese and American art and music, along with the surroundings of the Pacific Northwest which echoes through my work. 

A lot of people have asked me what piqued my interest and reasons for wanting to go into this craft - I was always interested in art and wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to utilize and challenge my creativity. I think body art helps us love our bodies and take ownership. It allows for us to embellish our skin with a cool piece of artwork, aesthetic, or even sentiment. I feel like it allows us to start loving our bodies in our ability to reinvent and modify our expression.

I know it sounds cliché of artists to say that they have been drawing since they could pick up a pencil but I find that incredibly true. I have been practicing my art since I was around the age of 9. Of course it was nothing amazing at the time, but that is with this craft is something that I’ve consistently put time into studying, refining, and investing to get better.

✿ My Bunny's name is Ernie! Feel free to ask for photos

✿ I am a Capricorn

You can always talk to me aboout the local food scene, the latest TV shows/celebrity drama, and astrology

Thanks for reading!